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Finding capital at flexible terms is merely an idea, Redline Capital Inc. can help you turn it into reality. There is a visible gap between financers and small business owners due to restrictive qualifications. When we started our venture, our mission was to fill that gap and develop a financing model that best addresses your needs. While many financing companies offer cash advances for businesses, we offer up to $5 million to accommodate all your dynamic financial goals.

Simple Application Process

Submit the application from anywhere, anytime, to initiate the funding process.

Quick Funding Review

Our financial experts complete the underwriting process within 1-2 hours.

Same-Day Approvals

The approval team engages you in a discussion to understand your needs.

Fund Transfers

Receive your funding via same day wire or next day ACH.

What We Offer

Our Dynamic Funding Services

Working Capital

Get funding in your account within 24 hours with weekly or daily repayment with no collateral needed.

Term Loan

Cover your business expenses with a term loan (minimum 680 Experian required) with no prepayment penalties at a fixed rate.

Revenue-Based Financing

Get a lump sum of cash based on your future business sales. Our revenue-based funding can help drive your company out of the immediate crisis.

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration (SBA) assists small businesses with a partially funded loan offered by the government at low-interest rates. Our funding team can help you benefit the most from SBA loans to meet your small business needs. We can get you immediate funding to cater to your demands.

Business Lines of Credit

A line of credit is a potential funding source for small and medium businesses. Instead of applying for multiple loans, you can use a credit line to withdraw funds when needed. You can use the funds again after paying the previous debt. Our lines of credit can effectively meet your business expenses.

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate projects require hefty payments to complete. Our commercial real estate funding can boost your project completion by providing capital for development. Whether you want to start a commercial project from scratch or make major renovations, we can provide you with the funds you need.

Revolutionizing the Financing Markets

Small and medium businesses face much trouble seeking capital to streamline business operations. Nearly 20% of small businesses fail in the very first year, and half of them fail within the first five years. One of the primary factors that lead to shutting down a business is the lack of funds. While large businesses have sufficient funds to avoid revenue fluctuations, SMBs are always at risk of crashing.

Redline Capital Inc. is here to revolutionize financing by focusing on the lower-middle market. We aim to empower small and medium business owners by offering them quick financing solutions to save them from failure. Our simple application process makes it super convenient to achieve same-day funding. 

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Fill out the application, verify the information, and submit for underwriting.

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Explore the funding solutions that best fit your needs and pick yours.

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Receive your funds through a secure transaction system in a few hours.

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